Thursday, October 1, 2015

#4 OCTOBER- NET WORTH $59,523.26 (YTD+6.91%)

Goals to reach by July 2, 2016
  • Credit Cards: $0
    • Disappointed at the progress on this. =/ 
    • Need to get back to aggressively targeting these down.
  • Loans: $18,872
    • As soon as I can get my CC bills back down, I'll start chunking away at this balance
  • Mortgage: $211,780
    • Was able to increase a few dollars extra to add to the extra principle payments
  • Checking Account: $3,000 daily balance
    • Getting close to this
  • Savings Account: $10,000
    • So far on target to reach since I started this.
  • Investments: $30,000
    • Although it was rough to see my investments dip, I'm sure I'll overshoot this  goal by my target date.

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